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The start of an era!

BFO Arms has been 18 months in the making. It has been a lot of hard work and sweat, interspersed with some fantastic days out shooting paper and decompressing in my favourite way; on the range.

Setting up a Registered Firearms Dealer is not easy. That might be an understatement, especially when talking about an online RFD.

However, doing something new and innovative is never straightforward, and the same goes for anything worthwhile. But...going into 2020, BFO Arms is a new kind of RFD. Professional, convenient, flexible, and delivering Section 1 and Section 2 firearms and ammunition to your home address. No more fighting for parking spaces in town, no more queuing waiting for a shop assistant, no more concerns about carrying your purchase out to your car. BFO Arms is the new way to purchase firearms and ammunition, perfectly suited to the busy lifestyles we all lead, and meeting the high expectations of today's discerning shooting community.

As well as a new way of buying firearms and ammunition, BFO Arms plans to engage with the community through this blog, the private site forums, and social media.

We look forward to welcoming you to BFO Arms.

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