The 17gr bullet head from Hornady in this HMR offers huge performance and accuracy at distances of up to 200 yards, with good shooters exceeding these ranges.

A ballistic polymer tip encased in brass offers an aerodynamic bullet head which has devastating effects for varmint and small game hunting, allowing for humane dispatch and little risk of ricochet.


The muzzle velocity with these small rounds is recorded at 2550fps and at 200 yards still holds a massive 1378fps.


An ideal calibre for small game hunting, and from Hornady the perfect round.



Bullet Profile - Hollow Point surrounding a Ballistic Polymer Tip

Bullet Weight - 17gr

Velocity : 0 Yards - 2550fps 100 Yards - 1901fps 200 Yards - 1378fps

.17HMR Hornady V-Max 17gr Ammunition (50)