This is the long awaited MP40 blank firer. Although manufacturered by GSG in Germany it will be shipped branded "Edgar Brothers". This is to differentiate it from the UK illegal GSG imports.


This blank firer vents upwards directly in front of the chamber. It fires the 9mm PAK blank ammunition only. Unlike the original (available on hire from us in either MP40 or MP38/40 guise) this reproduction fires from a closed bolt as opposed to an open bolt. This means that it is inherently safer to use. Please note that this reproduction ONLY fires in semi auto mode, however, with a fast trigger finger a reasonable rate of fire may be achieved.


It comes complete with one magazine, one magazine loader, cleaning tools and a certificate of conformity to British law.

P.A.K (GSG) Schmeisser MP40 9mm Blank Firing Rifle

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